About Me

I’m a 40-something introvert, mum, fresh air addict & self-belief coach.

I empower women to re-discover what it is THEY want & support them to go get it.

I’m Sarah

I believe we all have a spark inside us.

And sometimes it gets hidden by life, children, work…

So as the kids grow up, work stagnates, and you realise you’ve not seen your spark for a while, what then? When did someone last ask “what do YOU want?” When did you last really believe in yourself?

When you believe in yourself, that you ARE enough… when you find the spark that lights you up, you find your purpose and take back control of your own life!

My coaching work is all about helping women to find that spark inside them, and nurture it; imagine feeling…

  • unapologetically yourself
  • confident & playful
  • passionate & empowered

Spending my life as ‘one of the quiet ones’ held back by my own self-doubt is what led me to this work; my own journey, discovering my own spark. It’s exactly why I do this work now, and I absolutely love it.

When you’re ready to find out more about how we can work together, book your free no-strings intro call with me right here.

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