Why vision boards don’t work (and how to make one that does)

There’s no denying that vision boards are popular right now, especially as we start a new year and we’re all thinking about goals and plans and The Year Ahead…

As someone who’s a believer, I talk about them a lot and I’m finding people typically land in one of two camps… (well, actually three).

  • Vision boards do not work
  • Vision boards are incredibly powerful!
  • What’s a vision board & why would I have one anyway?

So, I’ve been in all three camps at one point or another and I’m up for the challenge of opening up this question… do vision boards work? (I’m including action boards & dream boards in this too)

Let’s take it one at a time…

What is a vision board & why would I have one?

Quite simply, one or more visuals of what you desire a year or so ahead, used to help you move towards that future. They can bring focus, and energy, to your life, work, relationships…

But, vision boards don’t work.

OK. Last year I had a client who’s vision board ‘did not work’. Maybe you’ve had one too?

It went like this: she chose some nice pictures of things she wanted, a mix of stuff and experience, and she glued them on a big piece of paper and stuck it up on her wall right where she would see it every day, just like you’re supposed to. And… nothing.

I saw it; it was beautiful. The colours matched, the layout was perfect: she loved looking at it. How could it not work?

Well, because she’d just created a nice picture. (Which is fine! If what you want is to decorate your office, you can buy nice prints in John Lewis, or better still, your friendly local art gallery.)

But the thing with having a nice picture, even if you see it every day, is that it will not move you closer to your vision. Why? Let’s skip to the next school of thought to see if I can answer that for you…

Vision boards are incredibly powerful!

What have these people discovered that my client hadn’t? 

  1. When you involve your subconscious in the creation of your vision, you’re much more likely to move towards it with ease.
  2. When you engage with your board, you allow yourself to believe in the possibility that it could happen, and crucially, in your possibility to be in that future.
  3. And you need to take the action, in line with your vision, to create that future; the changes don’t magically happen without your involvement.

At least, that’s the quick answer… I talk in a lot more detail about how to do all of this, and more, in my vision board workshops; I love sharing all I’ve learned because, quite honestly, I was a cynic myself until fairly recently! But now, the more I dive into this work, and learn about what makes us tick, the more I see the power & possibility in this simple business & personal development tool!

How do you feel about vision boards? Have you got one? What have you changed, or achieved, as a result? Are you still on the fence?

Do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

“Six months ago I joined Sarah’s virtual vision board workshop at a time where I was really needing to reflect on what I want from my life, for the first time in about ten years I’d say! It really helped me to put into focus some decisions I’d been putting off making… Fast forward to now and I’m feeling very focused and in control of where life is taking me!” Naomi Pollard

“I was sceptical as I’d tried it before on my own; I didn’t realise how powerful it would be! My Vision Board brought up some unexpected, surprising results and actually showed me a whole new area of business… it’s got me thinking with more clarity. I got a lot more out of it than I thought I was going to; very insightful!” Su Menzies-Runciman

My vision board workshops run throughout the year, currently online; email me at sarahjmlynas@gmail.com for a list of dates. As I write the next one is the afternoon of 23rd January with tickets (£65) available on Eventbrite.

If you’d like to get more of my content direct to your inbox, sign up here for my weekly-ish letters filled with self-belief boosts & my thoughts on finding your own quietly courageous voice in an an otherwise noisy world.

Published by Sarah Lynas

My own journey of self-doubt-untangling & learning to listen to myself has led me to here; helping women, who know deep down that they can do great things, to get out of their own way, even if they're scared & overwhelmed right now. I believe whole-heartedly in the power of quiet voices & deep-to-the-core self-belief. Discovering that I was destined to be a coach has been the best thing (after becoming a mum) ever.

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